Erin wants to lead from the land up, so meeting with farmers, not just commodity groups is a priority for her. Erin often says, “In Minnesota, we build things, we heal things, and we grow things.” And for the past 11 years, Erin has spent her time in communities, taking her to farms all over the state. Because agriculture is part of Minnesota’s story.

  • Erin believes we need to dig in on issues like commodity prices, renewable fuels, and water quality.

  • Erin has met with and worked with especially new, young farmers with an eye for organic farming to gain support at the capitol for policies that would help with start-up costs.

  • Erin has heard over and over that issues like health care costs  and property taxes are hurting family farms, like the Cannon Falls farmer who was paying $27K for his family’s insurance.

  • When Erin’s governor, she'll work with independent farmers and commodity groups to ensure we grow and protect our ag economy, while protecting Minnesota's water and land.