Climate, Water & The Environment

I know that climate change is absolutely a fundamental threat to Minnesota. Clean water is a limited, strategic asset that we must protect because it’s vital for our communities and it’s part of our cultural heritage – especially as a state whose economy still depends greatly on agriculture and tourism generated by the beauty of our state.

  • To help Minnesota move away from fossil fuels, I support strengthening efforts like our renewable energy standards (RES), dramatically increasing our use of electric vehicles by investing in the infrastructure necessary to make electric vehicles an option for Minnesotans regardless of where they live, and serious investments in making buildings more efficient.
  • We must reduce carbon emissions and also factor in the long-term damage done by them. I’ll also work to expand Minnesota’s green energy portfolio to include more wind, solar, biomass and other renewable options.
  • I will invest more in the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) in their pursuit of scientific advances capable of cleaning impaired water. Further investments could expand their reach to prevent water from impairment and react quickly to compromised water.
  • I will invest more in the development of perennial crops which will help farmers grow crops that have a market, while also protecting and restoring the health of our land.
  • There is roughly $11 billion in necessary projects to update our state and local waste and drinking water infrastructure, and failure to make these repairs will put us in danger of contaminating our water in communities all over the state. I believe we must make those bonding investments so that Minnesotans and our communities are not as risk.