#TeamErin Digital Toolkit


These evergreen tweets are great to use throughout the week. We’ll be sending along sample tweets each day that relate to a theme, but when in doubt, start here!

We can always count on Erin Murphy to put Minnesotans first. She shows up, you know where she stands, she’ll take on tough issues and fight for our shared values. #politicsofjoy #teamerin #mngov

Erin Murphy is the right leader at the right time. I’m so excited to elect her as Minnesota’s first woman governor. #politicsofjoy #mngov #teamerin

When we say “a new kind of politics”, we mean it: we are working from the ground up, having hard conversations, & tackling tough issues. #politicsofjoy #teamerin #mngov

It’s time to elect a leader with a bold, progressive vision for our state. A leader who cares. Erin murphy cares - she is a mom, a nurse and a legislator who believes in fighting for a future where all Minnesotans can thrive. #mngov #teamerin

There is palpable joy, energy and excitement as we enter the last week before the primary. Minnesotans are ready for leaders, like @epmurphymn, who will stand with them, take on the urgent issues and fight for our shared values. #TeamErin #mngov

Now more than ever, Minnesotans are demanding urgent action on the things that unite us. @epmurphymn will fight for single-payer healthcare, better wages, & broad prosperity. We can count on her to take on the tough issues, stand up to bullies, and fight for our future. #mngov

It’s time for a new kind of politics. When we fight for our values, we win. #TeamErin #mngov #PoliticsOfJoy


Wednesday 8/8: Now is the Time

  • This is not the time for a tippy-toe kind of politics. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up for what we believe in, and leave no Minnesotan behind.

  • We don’t want leaders that govern from a place of fear or uncertainty. We want a leader that will stand up for our values, for what is right and win.

Thursday 8/9: Legacy Leadership and a progressive agenda for our future

  • Erin has the support of trusted leaders like Governor Dayton.

  • Already, she has proposed an ambitious agenda including: Our Promise Education Agenda, Pathway to Single Payer, #ConnectMN Border-to-Border Broadband, and Fight for Families Agenda.

Friday 8/10: Get.Out.That.Vote.

  • If we want an equitable and just Minnesota, where everyone can thrive, we have to fight for it.

  • To win will take all our power, work, and voices. When we fight for our values, we win.

Saturday 8/11: Ready to Fight

  • When Trump, Pawlenty or corporate interests seek to divide or attack our neighbors, we know that Erin will have our backs.

  • Minnesotans are demanding action on tough issues like gun violence, structural racism, and corporate control.

  • Erin is a fearless leader who will take those issues on.

Sunday 8/12: Ready to Win

  • Erin knows that when we fight for our shared values, we win.

Monday 8/13: Ready to Lead

  • Erin has led on some of the toughest battles in the legislature, winning progressive victories like marriage equality and the minimum wage increase.

  • She is the only candidate that’s taken on Tim Pawlenty and won.

  • For 12 years at the Capitol she’s been on the frontlines for Minnesotans with a bold, progressive vision for our state.

  • She’s spent over a year campaigning so that she can listen to Minnesotans in every part of the state and create solutions together.

  • She knows that if we want an equitable and just Minnesota, where everyone can thrive, we have to fight for it.

Tuesday 8/14: Your Vote, Your Voice

  • Use your voice and elect Erin Murphy as Minnesota’s first woman governor.

  • Use your vote to create a future for Minnesota where everyone can thrive. Vote #TeamErin.

  • It’s time for bold, progressive leadership in Minnesota. Vote #TeamErin.