Economic Justice

I’ve spent more than a decade traveling the state, talking with Minnesotans in their communities about the things that make them tick. One thing I hear over and over again is a feeling of financial insecurity. That no matter how many hours you put in, you still can’t get ahead. That’s not right.

  • I support raising the state’s minimum wage to at least $15/hour and ensuring everyone has access to paid sick and safe time. It’s critical that every Minnesotan be paid a living wage and have the benefits necessary to provide for themselves and their family.
  • I will support labor and work to expand collective bargaining. I come from a labor family and the backing of my union – the nurses union – ensured the I was paid my worth and that my working conditions were safe. Working people in Minnesota deserve that support.
  • As governor, I will be a fierce advocate for workers’ rights, including policies that ensure equitable economic opportunities for women, especially women of color and indigenous women.
  • The lack of affordable, accessible child care is holding too many Minnesotans back from entering the workforce and it’s having adverse effects on our local economy. I will work with communities all over the state to ensure quality child care is available and affordable.
  • By investing in infrastructure, both human and capital, I know we can keep Minnesotans working all over the state. Let’s create new jobs by expanding broadband access, increasing our use of electric vehicles, and by repairing outdated waste and drinking water infrastructure.
  • Let’s encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship by supporting the Main Street businesses that support our communities, helping young, burgeoning farmers with start-up costs, and investing in innovation that has the potential to spur the next sector of our economy.