I know healthcare from every angle – as a nurse, first in a rural hospital and then on a transplant team, as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Nurses Association, and as a legislative leader on health and human services. And from every angle, I see that corporate profits have been prioritized over patients and workers.

  • I am a supporter of single-payer and a co-author on John Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan. A full single-payer solution isn’t possible without federal participation, but we can build the infrastructure here in Minnesota and lead the nation.
  • Let’s start by opening up MinnesotaCare to anyone who wants it. In 2014 I passed legislation that expanded a public option for school employees and they are seeing lower costs and higher-quality care.
  • Then let’s contract directly with providers – nurses, doctors, and hospitals. Putting providers and Minnesotans back in control of their care, and trusting providers as they do their best work, will drive better value and most importantly, health outcomes.
  • We must invest in our healthcare workforce. Training programs that target nurses, home healthcare workers, and others will help meet the needs of patients, while also revitalizing local economies across the state.