Erin Murphy. Rep. Maye-Quade. Fighting for us, with us.

Representative Maye-Quade and I believe in a politics that improves people’s lives and that we can build a bright future for everybody in the state of Minnesota. In every corner our state, Minnesotans are standing up to fight for what we believe in.

The bright future we imagine includes the building blocks of strong public schools, single-payer health care, and jobs that will build the economy of our future. In a democracy, we must recognize that to live a full life you need a good education, healthcare you can count on, a safe place to live and a job to support your family.

But we can’t and won’t stop there because there are challenges in front of us that we must tackle. We have to take on climate change and pursue renewable energy options. We must confront the racial disparities that are holding Minnesotans and communities back. And we absolutely must protect the tools of our democracy that are under attack, like our ability to collectively bargain and organize, our access to the ballot box, and our ability to peacefully protest.

Some think that in order to win the next election, we must proceed forward with caution. But we know that when we show Minnesotans that we’re fighting for them, they’ll join us. We are standing up for an honest, progressive vision for Minnesota with people at the center. If you believe in this shared vision, then we hope you’ll join us.


Erin is honored to have the support of progressive organizations and elected officials, community leaders, and unions across the state.