We can’t build our bright future without investing in our kids. They will be the builders, thinkers, creators, and doers of tomorrow. We need to build an education system that is as ambitious and as hopeful as our children.

  • We must close the opportunity gap. I think we start by investing in early learning opportunities and voluntary pre-K for every child, fund full-service community schools that support students and their families in and outside the classroom, and by ensuring our teacher workforce is diverse and reflects the student population.
  • I will reevaluate the use of standardized tests in our schools because our educators are spending way too much time teaching kids how to pass a test and not nearly enough on how to succeed in and navigate the world.
  • Let’s help students find their passion by guaranteeing access to career and technical education.
  • Our schools have been starved for too long, and I will make sure public schools have the tools and resources they need to provide a world-class education for every student.
  • The answer to the teacher shortage is not to put unqualified teachers in our kids’ classrooms. Instead, let’s support our educators by protecting their right to collectively bargain and ensure a high-quality teacher licensure process.