Guarding the Tools of our Democracy

The tools of our democracy are how we exert our power, and right now those tools are under attack. The influence of big money and special interests on our elections isundercutting the power of Minnesotans to build their bright future.

  • We must pass meaningful campaign finance reform, including the expansion of public financing of elections, to make it easier for citizens to see who is funding elections.
  • I support moving politics out of our redistricting process by tasking an independent judicial panel to make decisions about how lines are drawn.
  • I want to expand access to the ballot box with measures like automatic registration when Minnesotans turn 18-years old.
  • Collective bargaining is under attack across the country, and we’ve seen attacks here in Minnesota. I will veto any Right-to-Work legislation and will work to expand collective bargaining.
  • Attacks on the free press and the proliferation of fake news is hurting our access to information. As governor, I’ll work with the press to make sure they have the information necessary to keep Minnesotans informed about policymaking at the capitol.
  • It is also critical to our democracy that we restore the vote for Minnesotans who have served their time for felony convictions. Voting is a sacred right and it is a powerful tool in building strong, powerful communities.