Press Release: Murphy calls on Pawlenty to step down from corporate boards

ST. PAUL, MN – Rep. Erin Murphy, DFL-Endorsed candidate for Governor is calling on Tim Pawlenty to step down from his paid corporate board positions. While running for Governor, Pawlenty continues to hold his corporate board positions, from which he receives large sums of money. 

According to a report from Minnesota Public Radio, Tim Pawlenty currently serves on the boards of Texas-based Smart Sand and Eagan-based ConvergeOne, a technology consulting company. As recently as a few months ago he made tens of thousands of dollars in stock options in this role.

Murphy released the following statement:

“Tim Pawlenty is the poster child for everything that is wrong with our politics, where the wealthy and powerful control politicians who put corporate interests ahead of the public interest. That kind of politics has hurt Minnesotans and prevented progress on things like better wages, affordable health care, and investments in our schools.

“Just look at Pawlenty’s record as Governor. When Pawlenty was Governor, he protected corporate special interests at every turn and Minnesotans paid the price in cuts to our schools, health care, higher tuition and worse. After leaving the state high-and-dry with a record budget deficit, he cashed-in to make a fortune as a lobbyist for powerful corporate interests in Washington D.C. Now we learn that Pawlenty continues to reap huge personal benefits by sitting on corporate boards.

“Minnesotans are looking for a Governor who will fight for them, but Tim Pawlenty has proven he will only fight for himself and his corporate pals. I call on Tim Pawlenty to step down from these corporate boards immediately. This is an unsuitable arrangement for a person who seeks to represent all Minnesotans as our next Governor.’’