Press Release: Erin Murphy statement on Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

SAINT PAUL, MN – Erin Murphy, DFL-Endorsed candidate for Governor released the following statement after the Supreme Court today ruled to uphold President Trump’s Muslim travel ban. 

“This Supreme Court ruling to uphold President Trump’s divisive, hateful agenda is discrimination against our Muslim neighbors, plain and simple. It’s wrong and we must fight back, as Americans and as Minnesotans, standing together.

We must never retreat from our values of care and compassion for our fellow neighbors. We must lead with the belief that our differences are a source of strength, not something that should be feared.

As governor, I will stand up to this administration, using all the legal options available to the state, to challenge this flagrant violation of our laws and values. I ask Minnesotans to join me in this fight because we are strongest when we stand united to uphold our values.”