Press Release: Murphy calls on DFL Opponents to Show Up for Minnesotans: Swanson Not Leading on Gun Violence Prevention

SAINT PAUL, MN – This morning, Attorney General Lori Swanson backed out and Congressman Tim Walz declined to participate in a WCCO roundtable hosted by Blois Olson that was to include all three DFL candidates running for Governor. Only DFL-Endorsed candidate Erin Murphy appeared for the forum, which they had been invited to more than two weeks prior. According to Blois Olson, Congressman Walz chose to record a TV ad instead of appearing for the forum and Attorney General Swanson backed out at the last minute. 

Earlier this week, both Walz and Swanson, and their running mates, also declined to participate in a voter forum hosted by JustUs about LGBTQ issues. Erin Murphy, DFL-Endorsed candidate for Governor, released the following statement, urging her opponents to commit to at least five forums by media and advocacy organizations before the primary.

“Minnesotans want a Governor who will show up and fight for them. That is what I have heard in my conversations with Minnesotans all across this state in the twenty months I have been in this campaign. With less than five weeks before the DFL Primary, it is unfortunate that my DFL opponents are not interested in engaging in a conversation about the urgent issues facing Minnesotans and how we solve them – especially Attorney General Swanson.

“Lori filed for Governor on the last possible day, after telling Minnesotans for months she wouldn’t seek the office. In the five weeks since, she has declined to participate or backed out of a number of public events, especially those where she would be expected to face questions from Minnesotans or reporters about her priorities. Minnesotans deserve more from anyone seeking to serve as our next Governor.

“I hope my opponents will step it up, because playing it safe and ducking the tough issues is a recipe for failure in this election. Now is a time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Minnesotans and fight for our values. That’s how we win this election and build a bright future for Minnesota.”