Press Release: Rep. Erin Murphy Calls on fellow DFL Candidates to Join her in Clearly Opposing the Irresponsible Transportation Constitutional Amendment

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-64A), former MN House Majority Leader and DFL candidate for governor called on her fellow DFL candidates for governor to clearly join her in opposing the constitutional amendment being considered that would redirect money from the state’s general fund for transportation projects. Rep. Murphy released the following statement: 

“The transportation constitutional amendment being considered at the State Capitol is a failure of leadership. Pitting roads and bridges against kids and communities will threaten Minnesota’s sturdy budget and compromise our ability to plan our future.

“This constitutional amendment will tie the hands of future governors and policy-makers. It is an idea not fitting anyone who seeks to lead our state as governor because it passes the buck instead of actually solving our state’s challenges. I am calling on Congressman Tim Walz and State Auditor Rebecca Otto to join me in opposing this irresponsible constitutional amendment. It’s important that voters hear each of us say a resounding ‘no’ to this bad idea born of cynical politics.

“I am running for governor because I believe we have the capacity to take on big challenges in this state and build a bright future together. We must reject this amendment and instead show the courage to address our failing transportation infrastructure while also investing in schools, health care, and our future.”