Press Release: Rep. Erin Murphy Announces New Legislative Endorsements

SAINT PAUL, MN – Today, Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-64A), former Majority Leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives and DFL candidate for governor, announced new endorsements from legislative leaders. These endorsements add to the over 60 state and local leaders who have endorsed Murphy and organizational endorsements from the Minnesota Nurses Association, WomenWinning, NARAL, the DFL Latino Caucus, the DFL Disability Caucus, and the state and Twin Cities chapters of Our Revolution. 

“I am proud to have the support of these passionate legislative leaders,” said Rep. Murphy. “They’ve devoted much of their lives to serving their communities and the state with thoughtful leadership and I’m excited that they are bringing that spirit of purpose to my campaign for governor.”

Murphy was endorsed by the following legislators:

Karen Clark, State Representative – 62A

David Bly, State Representative – 20B

Lyndon Carlson, State Representative – 45A

Sandy Pappas, State Senator – 65

Chris Eaton, State Senator – 40

Ann Rest, State Senator – 45

“I was first elected to the Minnesota House the same year as Erin Murphy and I have seen her grow and mature as a leader,” said Rep. Bly. “She is someone who cares and is willing to learn from others. We haven’t always agreed in the past but I have stood with her as we met with college students anxious about their future; I’ve stood with her hearing from farmers and workers worried about access to healthcare; I’ve stood with her reassuring teachers across the state we stand with him; I stood with her lifting up low wage care workers and their need for advocates fighting for them. Erin has traveled the State listening to Minnesotans about their wishes and desires for a better Minnesota. This is why I endorse her to be our next Governor of the State of Minnesota.”

The full list of endorsements can be found at