Press Release: Rep. Erin Murphy: Tim Pawlenty shows his true colors in headlining Anti-LGBT Event

SAINT PAUL, MN –Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL-64A), former MN House Majority Leader and DFL candidate for governor, called out Tim Pawlenty today for headlining the Minnesota Family Council annual dinner, an organization that has fought against marriage equality for same-sex couples and actively advocates for legislation against the LGBTQ+ community. As Governor, Pawlenty was a consistent opponent of equality for the LGBTQ+ community, including vetoing anti-bullying legislation, and a bill authored by Rep. Murphy to give LGBTQ+ couples end-of-life benefits. Rep. Murphy released the following statement:

“Times have changed, but Tim Pawlenty hasn’t. His campaign is only two weeks old and one of his first actions as a candidate is to headline an event for an organization that has fought against equality for our LGBTQ+ community,” said Murphy. “When Pawlenty was Governor, he fought against marriage equality and even vetoed a bill I authored that would allow same-sex couples to honor the final wishes of their partner and to seek justice following a wrongful death. Headlining the Minnesota Family Council annual dinner shows Pawlenty’s true colors, revealing he is the same politician of the past that will play on fears and divisions rather than bring Minnesotans together.

“Despite Pawlenty’s opposition to marriage equality for same-sex couples, Minnesotans pushed back. We defeated efforts to enshrine discrimination in our constitution by voting down an amendment that would have limited the freedom to marry. In the next session, we passed strong anti-bullying legislation and made marriage equality the law of the land in Minnesota, which was one of my proudest moments as Majority Leader.

“Minnesota must never retreat on our commitment to equity for all Minnesotans, and as Governor, I never will.”