Press Release: Erin Murphy Announces New Measures To Curb Gun Violence

SAINT PAUL, MN – Erin Murphy and Erin Maye-Quade, DFL-Endorsed ticket for governor and lieutenant governor, stood with gun violence prevention advocates, parents, teachers, and students today to announce the steps they will take to curb gun violence.  

“Minnesotans are demanding action on gun violence prevention,” said Murphy. “The NRA has had a seat at the table on this issue for too long, silencing the voices of Minnesotans who overwhelmingly support common-sense gun violence prevention efforts like universal background checks. As Governor, I will not be silent on the urgent need for common sense gun reform and my lifetime “F” rating from the NRA is proof that I have and will stand with Minnesotans to get results.”

Rep. Erin Maye-Quade said, “Minnesotans are frustrated, students are scared for their lives, and we’ve all had enough. When I sat in at the Capitol to demand action, I heard and felt the support from every corner of the state. We know what we need to do to stop gun violence. We just need leaders with the courage to do it.”

Teachers and students shared powerful stories about the urgency to address gun violence at the press conference.

“I led the walkout at my school because I believe that gun violence is an issue that transcends political divides,” said Serena Abraham, Senior at Apple Valley High School. “The continuous stalemate on gun reform is exhausting. The hundreds of lives lost is exhausting. The ‘thoughts and prayers’ are exhausting. Kids who are 15 should never have to stare down the barrel of an AR-15 again.”

“It is time to enact common sense gun laws,” said Katie Bernardy, a Middle School Teacher at Heritage Middle School. “I want to look my students in the face and tell them that they honestly don’t have to worry about losing their lives in my classroom nor any classroom across America.”

Action to End Gun Violence:

It’s time for immediate action to end gun violence. Erin Murphy is the only candidate in this race with the courage to lead on the issue.

As governor, Erin will:

  • Keep military-style weapons out of the hands of civilians, including banning weapons like the AR-15.

  • Require universal background checks for all gun purchases.

  • Enact a Red Flag law to allow law enforcement to intervene when a person possessing or seeking to purchase a firearm is considered a threat to themselves or the community.

  • Ban high-capacity magazines and increase waiting periods on certain firearms.

  • Require built-in safety measures like fingerprints or trigger locks that limit accidents and allow Minnesotans to hold gun manufacturers responsible when they don’t.

  • Study gun violence like the public health crisis that it is.

  • Invest in support services for survivors of gun violence.

  • Ban the production and possession of 3D printed guns and other untraceable firearms.

Murphy renewed her call for Congressman Walz and Attorney General Swanson to join her for a debate on gun violence prevention. To date, neither have responded.

“Minnesotans want a Governor who will show up for them and lead on gun violence prevention, but Congressman Walz and Attorney General Swanson have only shown a willingness to shift their positions when it’s politically expedient,” said Murphy. “Stopping the NRA and passing common sense gun reform requires leaders to stand with Minnesotans and fight for change. Minnesotans can trust that as Governor, I will.”