Press Release: Murphy Renews Call For Debate On Gun Violence

SAINT PAUL, MN— Today, Erin Murphy, DFL-Endorsed candidate for governor, repeated her call for her primary opponents to join her in debating common-sense measures to stem gun violence.

"It's been a week since I asked my opponents to sit down for a conversation about the steps that we're each prepared to take to stop gun violence," said Murphy. "With two weeks left until Primary Day, I'm still waiting for a response. Minnesotans deserve to know where each candidate stands on common-sense gun violence prevention measures and the refusal to engage from my opponents is disappointing."

On July 23, Murphy sent a letter to the Swanson/Nolan and Walz/Flanagan campaigns asking Attorney General Swanson and Congressman Tim Walz to join her in a debate on gun reform. Murphy asked that the debate be live-streamed so Minnesotans across our state can hear the candidates' opinions, take a hard look at their records, ask questions, and decide which one is best suited to represent their values. Murphy is also the only candidate for Governor that has responded in a transparent manner to the Students Demand Action challenge to release past NRA questionnaires.