We must invest in Minnesota's transportation and infrastructure.  We're billions of dollars behind in funding our crumbling roads and bridges and our transit infrastructure.  It's time to get serious about our infrastructure needs and give Minnesotans the resources they need to move their goods, services, and ideas throughout the state.

We need to come together with metro and greater Minnesota communities to find real, ongoing, consistent sources for transit funding so people can get around regardless of where they live, their abilities, and whether or not they can afford a car. 

  • To make up our infrastructure backlog, I will work to index the gas tax to inflation to make sure that our investment in our roads, bridges, and transit will never again fall so far behind our needs.  
  • I'll help the state leverage federal transportation funds for both our road and bridge needs, but also for transit projects like bus rapid transit, light rail, and high-speed transit initiatives.
  • We must also invest in the infrastructure and technology needed to move Minnesotans using cleaner energy.  I will move the state and Met Council's fleet to electric vehicles within eight years and invest in the infrastructure to reach every area of the state with that electric fleet.
  • Minnesota has a long-term need of 11 billion in new and replacement waste and drinking water infrastructure. Some of it is about being more efficient and effective in our water use. Some of it is about serious problems that will occur if changes aren’t made, and that threaten the health of Minnesotans.  We must urgently invest the resources to make up the backlog that could threaten the health and safety of Minnesotans.